Così wanted to totally re-invent nearly every aspect of the customer experience including menu offerings. this comprehensive challenge required re-defining new customers, and re-identifying with existing customers. a comprehensive new branding effort was introduced defining così’s unique fast casual experience.


così wanted to re-establish their brand and capture and recapture old and new fans alike. so we developed a comprehensive design and messaging effort demonstrating the new così “flavors of the world”. this umbrella concept was embellished with a rich graphic identity as complex as their unique menu offerings.


the new campaign richly reflected the new international menu and the classic menu items. all graphics featured an all new photographic and design style. virtually all consumer communications including menus, promotions, collateral, in-store wall graphics, store window signage, cable tv, ooh, and much more were produced.

“…chris had the uncanny knack of targeting the exact customer look & feel for all the creative he presented. he would capture the passion così customers had for the food in both color, style and format….”

don sparks, former cmo
così restaurants