Gangler’s wanted to differentiate its new eco-tourism operation from hundreds of north american and international destinations. With insights from the Canadian provincial tourism bureau, PCD came up with a strategy to identify and highlight experiences found only in far Northwestern Manitoba, Canada.


PCD focused on showcasing the extremely uncommon nature of the geography and terrain, the remote location, and the diverse wildlife that is completely unfamiliar with human contact. By featuring uncommon and sometimes quirky experiences via print and social media.


Within one week of the launch of the website, Gangler’s Wilderness Adventures received bookings and a preliminary offer from an international travel agency to pre-purchase all of their 2019 slots.

“…pop culture design has not only put us on the cutting edge of our advertising efforts, but ensured we are always a step ahead of our competition…”

Ken Gangler, President
Gangler’s fly-in lodges, manitoba canada